I feel very fortunate, as I have always done what I love to do most. Photography is my second career, before that I was a professional dancer for as long as it was physically possible. I was a contemporary ballet dancer and I have danced with renowned and successful national ballet companies and have toured the world. However, dancing cannot last forever. Dancing on a stage is a short and intense vocation.

I started taking photographs after that and drew a lot from my experiences in the theatre. Lighting, composing, rhythm, musicality, sense of proportion, discipline, the love of classical arts, all this was part of me by the time I picked up a camera.

I am very grateful that it all turned out this way, that I can once again transmit my own individuality to others, this time in form of pictures and memories. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to show you how I see the world!

Wedding photography is a great joy for me. A wedding is an event where beauty, elegance, excitement and emotions are displayed together in one place. As your photographer, I can not only experience these unforgettable moments with you, but also capture them forever, and then share them with you and the world. I can hardly imagine anything more beautiful!

I have also been teaching contemporary dance for a long time, speaking the language of movement is a great help when instructing those in front of the camera. As a dancer, I can immediately see if a set-up or movement is aesthetic or unflattering. It is also a great help when shooting portraits, which is the other genre that I'm really close to, besides wedding photography. Moreover, ballet photography is a passion of mine. I have had several exhibitions of images from stage performances over the years.

I could go on and on, but let me hear something from you, tell me what you think, what kind of pictures would you like to see yourself/yourselves in? What is your story?

A photo about me, Zoltan Tarnavölgyi. I am a fine art wedding photographer in Budapest, also taking portrait photos.

Photo by Aleksandar Mijatović